Presenting to the World,YAMAGATA DANTSUwith Japanese Designers

Tradition and Innovation of YAMAGATA DANTSU

In 1935 we learned some of the secrets of textiles traveling along the silk road.
Our founder had the idea of introducing the Japanese barefoot lifestyle with these textiles to the mantra of ‘A Warm Welcome for Every Foot’. Our carpets are the only carpets in Japan to be completely manufactured in house; spinning, dyeing, weaving, after-sales care.
Every facet of the carpet is carefully handled by our integrated production system.

Now 70 years later, in order to bring tradition and skill to the future, YAMAGATA DANTSU is proud to collaborate with these illustrious Japanese designers, known the world over. World renowned industrial designer Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, architect Kengo Kuma, and creative director Kashiwa Sato usher in a new era of Japanese carpet making by keeping with tradition while pioneering new possibilities.

Inheriting tradition; pushing innovation; covering the future and present with YAMAGATA DANTSU carpets. Craftsmen's skill and the excellent eye of the designer come together to continue YAMAGATA DANTSU's ideal of ‘A Warm Welcome for Every Foot’ and push it into the future.

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The Tradition

Yamanobe, Yamagata Prefecture Situated in Tohoku, the northeast of Japan,
this town was once a prosperous fabric dyeing town.
In 1935, the founder of the company thought of the idea to introduce carpet making to the area, and thus YAMAGATA DANTSU was founded. And in the 70 years since, YAMAGATA DANTSU has remained independent while continuing to make brand carpets.

The Craftsmen

Our carpets are completely manufactured in house; spinning, dyeing, weaving, after-sales care, by our skilled craftsmen and the whole process is carefully handled by our integrated production system.
Every single aspect of manufacturing the carpets is painstakingly carried out by our skilled craftsmen.

The Techniques

Custom Works

YAMAGATA DANTSU does more than just manufacture carpets. We have restored or created many different works, such as the tapestries of the Yamaboko Floats in the Gion Festival in Kyoto, the carpet of the main lobby of Kabuki-za, Bunkakaikan, and a curtain depicting Hiroshi Senju.


YAMAGATA DANTSU has tapped world renowned Japanese designers to collaborate to make carpets utilizing our traditional techniques and craftsmanship to realize new possibilities for carpets not bound by form or shape.