Mikiya Kobayashi × Yamagata Dantsu

Yamagata Dantsu is proud to announce their newest addition to their designer line, with “TOCHI” and “KOU” from Mikiya Kobayashi. He is renowned for his diverse designs, ranging from furniture, household products, and textiles. He had known about Yamagata Dantsu and was thoroughly impressed with our reputation for colors and our expertise, leading to us starting a project together. Here he talks about how the importance of balance of placement of the carpet and its user is greater than that of design. Together, his penchant for incidental beauty in everyday life meets “A Warm Welcome for Every Foot”.


Mikiya KobayashiDesigner

Born in 1981 in Tokyo, he founded his own studio in Tokyo and Valencia after an experience in an interior design company.
He is working in many design fields such as furniture, daily products, electronics, mobility as well as space design.
Deeply rooted in a lifestyle that is considered jointly with clients, his design is also able to merge into its surrounding space.
He recieved many awards such as iF Gold Award and Red Dot Design Award in Germany.
In 2018, he starts his own original lifestyle brand IMPLEMENTS.


This collection is designed by designer Mikiya Kobayashi.


An interview about the story behind the designs, introduction to Yamagata Dantsu, and future plans.